Tropical Bachelorette Party Idea

Tropical Bachelorette Party Idea
Author: Bachelorette Party Ideas   Posted: 20 September 2013



Any bride-to-be would love you for arranging an escape to a distant island paradise and you can easily do that by hosting a Tropical Bachelorette Party before her big day. You can go as low-key and casual, or as sophisticated as you wish with this fun key that everyone loves. There is absolutely no better theme for a summertime bachelorette party than a tropical party.

Venue is key with a Tropical Bachelorette Party, as you need water and sunshine. However, any old swimming pool, lake or ocean will do, provided you have sunscreen on hand. While this theme works best on the beach during the daytime, it works just as well around the pool at night. Ensure that the garden is well-lit placing tiki lamps around the pathways and lanterns suspended from trees. Break some glow sticks and place them inside inflated balloons, strewn over the pool for the perfect atmosphere.

The rest of the decor should be as colorful as possible, with large sheets of bright tissue paper over the tables and tropical flowers everywhere. Craft shops sell beautiful ocean themed ornaments, such as seashells and starfish that you could paint in bright colors and place in prominent spots as part of the decor. Many party shops sell Hawaiian leis, paper umbrellas, pinatas, grass skirts and everything else you need to turn your friend's Tropical Bachelorette Party into a memorable event.

No Tropical Bachelorette Party is complete without drinks served in pineapples and fruit cut into amazing shapes. Turn that into an activity by asking someone in catering to show the ladies how to do do creative garnishing. That way, everyone will leave the party not only laughing about the good time they had, but also with a great new skill that can be used forever.

Tropical Bachelorette Party favors are as much fun to pick out as it is to use. Use a bright colored gift bag, or combine items in gift baskets wrapped in cellophane and tied with leis. The baskets may include large floral hair clips, flower bracelets, flip flop manicure sets, lip gloss and lotions.







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