1980s Bachelorette Party Idea

1980s Bachelorette Party Idea
Author: Bachelorette Party Ideas   Posted: 20 September 2013



If your best friend was born in the 80s and she's getting married, there is no better option than a 1980s Bachelorette Party. Let's face it, that was the best era in which to be born. It had the best music and the coolest fashions. Now you can break out the neon t-shirts, the tights and the big hair and party like it's 1984.

Invites can be cut out in circles to resemble CDs with a disco font print and be sure to specify that guests should wear their best 80s outfits and accessories. From heart-shaped sunglasses to bright color hairspray with headbands- this is the night to turn back the clock and be cool. You could choose two or three judges and do a best-dressed contest - perhaps the bride walks away with the sash.

Decor for a 1980s Bachelorette Party is great fun! Balloons, streamers and multi-colored glow sticks in bottles or glasses of water look amazing. Add disco lights and a disco ball and 80s music to create the perfect atmosphere. You can add posters of 80s movie and pop stars and spray paint old cassettes in neon colors with each guest's name written on in permanent marker as place cards. Spray painted cardboard letters that spell out words, such as LOVE, will definitely look great.

Activities could include a 80s dance contest, memories quiz, or a karaoke competition. Bingo is a popular game at a 1980s Bachelorette Party and as prizes you could give cute 80s novelties, such as rubix cubes and slinkies.

Fast food (homemade) is a must, as is colorful layered jello shots, and a pacman cake or rainbow splatter cupcakes. Frozen lemonade with coconut rum is a great hit, as is any other soft drink and milkshakes.

To make the bride feel extra special, get her an acid washed jean jacket, or frayed jeans to wear and use puffy paint to write "bride-to-be" on it. Puffy glitter paint is even better!

The 1980s Bachelorette Party gift bags should include bright neon nail polish, neon sunglasses, retro headbands, lip gloss and colorful plastic bracelets. You can't go wrong with a 1980s Bachelorette Party - it's a blast from the past that the bride will remember for a long time to come.







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