Fondue Bachelorette Party Idea

Fondue Bachelorette Party Idea
Author: Bachelorette Party Ideas   Posted: 20 September 2013



What better excuse is there to indulge in chocolate, cheese and wine than your best friends bachelorette party? Specifically, a Fondue Bachelorette Party. Nothing beats getting messy with cheese and chocolate while giggling and gossiping - not even a few calories. This party will be remembered, not only by the bride, but also the guests for a long time to come.

A Fondue Bachelorette Party is laid back and flexible. You can either go the cocktail party with cheese, crackers and savory snacks way, or you can do a fondue. The fondue party is probably the easiest.  All you need is the fondue equipment, a large pot of cheese sauce, an even larger pot of melted chocolate and a variety of matching wines. If you decide to host the party at a restaurant, they will provide everything, and you could even ask for a wine-matching lesson.

Hosting the party at someone's home is cozy and comfortable, too. It works indoors our outdoors during any season. Modern fondue sets are chic and colorful, and you can use that as your guide when preparing your fondue bachelorette party.

Invitations can be as creative, or as simple as you wish. To set the tone, you could consider a card cut in a cheese-shape with equally cheesy wording, or a strawberry half covered in chocolate.

It doesn't take long to prepare the food and you could ask a couple of friends to help you chop some meat, vegetables and fruit an hour or two before the party starts. You can download Martha Stewart's Fondue Party Planner here:

Along with the delicious fondue treats, you will need some wine and other beverages. Make it easy for everyone to help themselves by setting up a beverage station.

Don't forget to set the atmosphere with some great music. Make it extra special for the bride by including her favorite songs, and those that have special significance for the couple. Again, modern bachelor and bachelorette parties are no longer held separately, and doing a combined party is just perfect. The Cheese and Wine Bachelorette Party can easily be a combined party for the couple.







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