Road Trip Bachelorette Party Idea

Road Trip Bachelorette Party Idea
Author: Bachelorette Party Ideas   Posted: 20 September 2013



Whether your close group of girlfriends are the outdoors type or not, everyone will love a road trip bachelorette party. It is lovely for the bride to escape from the reality of wedding arrangements for a weekend trip with her best friends. The road trip bachelorette party is perfect for a  group of friends, but can also work for a larger group, and, since it's no longer 1960, it can also be adjusted to cater for a bachelor-and-bachelorette combined road trip party.

With this option, the focus is taken of the traditional bachelorette party, but rather on a final-days-of-being-single activity to help everyone calm their nerves in the great outdoors - or indoors, if that suits the bride better. The key to a road trip bachelorette party is to get away for a couple of days, or even for a long weekend.

When doing the roadtrip bachelorette party, you can hire a large SUV or minibus in which everyone can fit comfortably. You can either drive to a nearby beach resort, or another place that you know the bride loves. This weekend is all about the bride unwinding with her loved ones.

Unlike other bachelorette parties, the road trip doesn't need to be a surprise to be fun, as there are many logistics to consider. However, if the bachelorette is an adventurous girl, you as her best friend will know what she likes. You could pack some clothes and other items she might need. If you're unsure, chat to someone who knows her well. You may have to collude with the groom to arrange schedules and more. Be sure to take care of her plants and pets and anything else that might worry her while she's away.

Novelty t-shirts is a must for a road trip bachelorette party and you could have them printed a few weeks or days in advance.

Whether you're going to a specific getaway for the weekend, or just travel around looking at scenic places, there's plenty fun to be had on a road trip bachelorette party:

  • Take lots of photos with the bride in her novelty t-shirt and a veil.
  • Laugh about the bride's funny moments, memories from childhood and exes.
  • Listen to music in the car to help her find the perfect song for their first dance.
  • Find couples who have been married for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 years and ask for their tips.







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