Movie Night Bachelorette Party Idea

Movie Night Bachelorette Party Idea
Author: Bachelorette Party Ideas   Posted: 20 September 2013



Round up the bride-to-be and her besties for a Movie Night Bachelorette Party that takes everyone back to high school. Remember how you stayed up with your friends watching movies, giggling and talking about boys? Well, you can do that again. Escaping from reality with some good movies and junk food is sure to take the bride's mind off all the pre-wedding jitters. Spending time with her friends will be a priceless experience and she will appreciate you going to so much trouble for her.

Similar to a slumber party, the Movie Night Bachelorette Party is cozy and fun. It's also easy for you to arrange and has a very relaxed atmosphere. Choosing a venue doesn't require much thought either;  Simply choose the home where everyone likes to hang out, or even hire a hotel room with a big screen television and space. Be sure to gather lots of large, comfy pillows and throws.

Send out the invites a week or two in advance. You can do it via email, if you choose. Alternatively, you could create invitation cards with a photo of the bride-to-be and a filmstrip inviting them to "Movie Night Bachelorette Party Starring" and add the bride's name to make it look like a movie poster. This type of invite presents plenty room for creative and fun wordplay.

As her best friend, you would know the bride's favorite movies, but you could also ask her which movie is "their" favorite. Hire about 3-4 movies for one night, or, if it's a bachelorette weekend movie marathon, you could hire more. Choose movies from different genres so that nobody becomes bored or feels left out. Most people enjoy a good comedy, and be sure to include man-candy movies with some of the hottest Hollywood hunks. Do stay away from tear-jerkers though - nobody wants to remember how much they cried at your party.

Have a popcorn maker handy and order (or make) pizza. Remember to buy sodas and ice-cream. Calories don't count at a Movie Night Bachelorette Party, so kick back, relax and enjoy this time with your friends thoroughly.







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