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Spa Day Bachelorette Party Idea
Author: Bachelorette Party Ideas   Posted: 20 September 2013



Show your favorite health-fanatic bride-to-be best friend how much you care by hosting a Spa Day Bachelorette Party to ring in her big day. Every girl loves to be pampered, as it leaves you feeling healthy and radiant - and picture perfect for the big day.

If you're trying to cut costs, you don't have to book a spa for all the friends - you can have just as much fun at home. That's right, many beauticians do house calls, especially for this purpose. Alternatively, everyone could get involved in pampering one another.

Hosted at home, you could decorate the area using Zen-inspired elements such as natural stones, green plants with white flowers, crystals, and candles. For the ultimate experience, host your summertime spa day bachelorette party next to pool on deck chairs. The key to your decor is to make the party venue as relaxing as possible, with soft music playing in the background, or the sound of a small imitation waterfall to relax the senses.

A spa day bachelorette party works perfectly during the daytime, and can be combined with a healthy champagne breakfast. Serve fresh crudite with delectable dips, healthy breads with delicious spreads, as well as freshly baked health muffins, and fruits. If you prefer, you can serve fresh fruit juices or spa waters instead of, or in addition to champagne.

Expect your guests to be extremely relaxed during a spa day bachelorette party. In the invitations, prepare them for a relaxing day and let them arrive dressed casually. You can provide fluffy terry robes and spa thong slippers for them to lounge around in all day. An extra special touch would include  optional embroidery of each guest's initials on her robe and slippers.

Send each guest home with her own pamper basket as a reminder of your spa day bachelorette party. Pamper baskets are versatile and can include any of the following:

  • manicure sets and hand or feet lotions
  • bath treats
  • candles or soaps
  • aromatherapy oils
  • cool new beauty products

The pamper baskets can be used during the party or taken home as keepsakes.

Since planning a wedding can be very stressful, the bride will cherish your thoughtful planning of her spa day bachelorette party forever.








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